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Intelligent screening and prospecting for commercial real estate

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Better performance
in real estate investment

Commercial real estate investment analysis is time-consuming and judgment based.

In traditional CRE analysis, all the data is sourced, cleansed and interpreted manually for each deal. Comparative analysis is incomplete, as data is often sparse, leading to subjective, biased decisions.

Non-traditional data, such as social referencing, mobility and key local factors, is rarely taken into account.

Valuable historic deal pipeline and existing portfolio insights get ignored or lost in the email chains. Only a fraction of potential data is used, limiting risk analysis depth and quality.

Built AI solution can give you an advantage in the highly competitive real estate market.

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Real estate investment analysis platform

Built AI enhances performance through data driven analysis

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Create deals in minutes

Simply upload a property brochure, and the analysis is ready in minutes.

BuiltAI AI Natural Language Processing algorithm will extract the key data fields, letting you focus on analysis and decision making. No more hours spent inputting data manually or crunching numbers in Excel.
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Tailored business plans

Build tailored business plans quickly and accurately — instantly see an accurate IRR and risk analysis for the opportunity. Finetune and add assumptions easily and see the impact clearly

Market leading speed and flexibility, combined with clear, attractive display.
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Tailored business plans

Real estate data science

Utilise our database of over 30M datapoints to inform the business plan assumptions. Data insights across estimated rent, transport attractiveness, mobility and recent comparable transactions.

The platform continually learns based on each client's usage to improve its usefulness to each client.
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Tailored business plans

Modern technology

Modern technology to power your business. Built AI can be used from deal sourcing to deal completion,creating a digital foundation for your investment process.

BuiltAI can also be connected to other systems across the organisation, such as reporting.
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Tailored business plans

Built AI helps you:

Analyse deals faster without compromising accuracy

Augment your team expertise through data science to set deal assumptions

Develop internal market insight through Built AI machine learning technology

Find hidden opportunities and new market trends