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Who is it for?

Who is it for

For investment teams

  • Efficient Deal Analysis:

    Automated tools to screen potential investments. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and manual data entry.

  • Data-Driven Insights:

    Direct access to reliable data insights from relevant deals. Eliminate siloed data and inaccurate assumptions.

Paul Nearchou

Managing Director

Built AI has enhanced our investment process, combining speed with reliability. It is an essential tool for any forward-thinking investment professional seeking a competitive edge.

Who is it for

For investment teams

  • Instant Business Planning

    Visualise all risks and opportunities at a glance.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Seamlessly create complex development and redevelopment business plans.

Arthur Cole-Fontayn

Investment Manager

We have been using Built AI for a couple of years and it has integrated well into our screening process. Alongside traditional methods, Built AI is a powerful value-add tool that triangulates various data sources to provide an initial deal assessmen.

Who is it for

Agencies & brokers

  • Automated Deal Screening

    Quickly assess the viability of deals and present only the best to clients.

  • Share deals in 1 click:

    Instantly share sophisticated analyses with clients, JV partners and sponsors.

Dan Cohen


Built AI has been a game-changer for Tuatara Real Estate, revolutionising the way we analyse deals for our clients. Its rapid data analysis has significantly expedited our decision-making processes, ensuring swift responses to market dynamics. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface has made it seamlessly integrated into our workflow, simplifying complex tasks. Most importantly, our clients have embraced this innovation, appreciating the efficiency and precision it brings to their real estate experiences. AI has truly become an indispensable asset, propelling our business to new heights.

Acquisitions teams
Opportunistic investors
Agencies & brokers